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Related article: Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 20:55:24 -0400 (EDT)From: strike1463aol.comSubject: Drive in pisser part 4The usual disclaimers apply. If this subject doesn't interest you, stopreading now and leave this page. Also, if you are younger than 18 yo leaveand read no further. If the subject matter is considered illegal in yourarea read no further. Story is the sole property of the author and you maynot copy, print, reproduce or distribute in any way, shape or form withoutthe authors permission.Drive in Pisser part 4The rest of that afternoon was rather uneventful. Eric and I goofed off inthe pool and I did a couple loads of laundry, we continued to smoke and jamto the tunes. Soon it was time for work, we showered and dressed in ourall too typical work boots and shorts, heading off to work.It was a strange night, even though the weather was awesome, although a bitwarm, and that we were showing first run movies, there were hardly anyonethere. The Lolita Bbs Pthc lot, divided into two separate sections, with a total capacityof 475 cars, had less than 50. Eric and I were set up and finished in notime. Just before intermission, the owner, Rob, an older heavy set guy inhis 50s, with silver hair, tracked us down and said he was going to cut usearly. He handed us a big sac of food, and bid us good night. "No what,"Eric said. "What do you want to do?" We jumped in the van and just drove,ending up at Salisbury Beach Mass. Here there was an Oceanside amusementpark, with rides and skill booths. We wandered around hitting a few ridesand trying to outdo each other on some games of skill. After a couple ofhours, Eric asked me if I was thirsty, I said I was actually and looked fora concession stand. "Good," Eric said, "I got to piss like a fuckinghorse." He grabbed my arm and led me into a nearby men's room.The stench of piss was overwhelming and intoxicating to me, as Eric led meto a stall. "Sit," he commanded, pointing to the toilet. I sat as hestepped forward lowering his shorts, hooking them under his balls. Heaimed his cock at my mouth and let loose with a large volume of piss. Idrank greedily from his hose, trying in vain to get it in my mouth. Ericheld my head at a distance, so he could see his piss filling my mouth, andmy struggle to swallow all he gave me. My face was wet from spray, andexcess piss ran down my chin, and covered my bare chest. Eric's expressionwas one of satisfaction, as his piss continued to flow. Out of the cornerof my eye, I caught sight of movement. Looking I saw a small hole, maybe1/2 inch in diameter, that someone had cut into the wall. Through thathole I could see, an eye, looking back at me. I tapped Eric's legdirecting his attention to the hole. "I see," Eric stated quietly. "Bethe loves seeing me piss on my bitch." His words, erotic to my ears, onlyserved to heighten the experience. Eric's stream lessened and finallystopped. He released my head and I dove forward sucking his cock into mymouth, the sensation of this, causing Eric to slam his hands on the stallwalls for support; A low moan coming for the guy in the next stall. EricLet me suck for just a bit, and before he was fully erect, he pulled hiscock out of my mouth. Eric motioned to the guy in the next stall, for himto come. Eric opened the door to the stall we were in, which was largerthan most bathroom stalls, and when the guy appeared, Eric simply Lolita Bbs Pthc said;"cum or piss?" "Cum" was his reply. Eric stepped aside and let the guyin. he gave him a shove forward forcing him in front of me. His cock wasalready had and the circumcised tip was wet with precum. He was a youngerguy maybe mid-twenties. He had a normal looking body, trim but not reallydefined, and his cock was average in size. As I took his cock into mymouth, I heard Eric say to him, "Brace yourself for the best blow jobyou've ever gotten. My bitch really know how to fucking suck cock." Itook his cock into my mouth and started sucking hard. I used all thetricks I knew, using my tongue on his head and shaft as I sucked. Itdidn't take long for the guy I was sucking to announce, rather loudly, thathe was gonna cum. I worried for a split second that he might be overheard,but went back to focusing on his cock. He took my head and fucked my mouththe last few strokes, his cum dribbling out into my mouth. Almost as soonas he'd finished he issued a quick, 'thanks' and shoving his cock away,forced his way past Eric and out of the stall.I could see Eric's cock straining against the cloth of his shorts and Ireached for him. Eric pushed my hands away saying later. We left thestall and as we left, noticed that there were several guys in the main partof the restroom. It was clearly obvious to all, both of us had been in thesame stall, and that we both erect. Some gave looks of disgust, and somepretended not to notice, but a couple gave sly little smiles, and one olderguy maybe in his late fifties, licked his lips and winked at me. Eric, ashe had begun to show during our sexual play, was clearly the dominantone. Giving me a little shove forward, "Come on bitch, play times over."Once outside, his demeanor reverted back to his normal self and as wewalked down the Lolita Bbs Pthc strip of rides and games, he feigned exhaustion, tuggingdown on my shoulders; "Oh fuck-in-a, that was so fucking hot," he gasped."Man knowing some dude was seeing me piss in you, then seeing you suckinghis cock, oh Christ I almost shot myself." He then stepped in front of me,walking backwards; "And just look at you," he commented, pointing to myface and bare wet chest, and down to my shorts. "You're soaked!" He movedback to my side, putting his arm around my shoulders; "I never thought I'dsay this, but, I don't care what it looks like or what people think. Backthere when all them assholes saw us leaving, I was actually turned on bythem seeing me." He hugged me tighter and gave my right nipple a hardtwist. I flinched and brushed his hand away from my chest, telling him tocut the shit. Eric laughed; "Fuck you're hot." Saying this as he jerkedmy head to him and kissed the top of my head. I pushed him away Lolita Bbs Pthc with alaugh. I scanned to see if anyone had seen this and sure enough it hadbeen. I didn't care; I was secure in my life. Although I didn't wear signproclaiming my 'gayness' I didn't care if people knew. My concern was withEric. I didn't want this whole new 'world' he was just stepping into, tocome crashing down around him. For right Lolita Bbs Pthc now though, I'd just let him havehis fun.The next day we got to work bright and early. Because of the small crowd,this would be an easy day. We had the field cleaned in under an hour andfinished the bathrooms in just as short a time. I finished mopping themen's room when in walks Eric, shorts under his nut sac, his cock semihard. "I have to piss and then, these babies," he said hefting his balls,"have a big load of juice for you. So on your knees my sexy bitch and takecare of me." I did as instructed, and Eric soon began piss a hot stream ofpungent boy piss in my mouth. We hadn't been playing very long, when fromthe area of the door, came the booming voice of Rob. "What the fuck?" Heexclaimed, his eyes staring at us, Eric's cock inches from my mouth,pissing, Eric's piss dripping from my face. Eric freaked and pulled hisshorts up over his cock, still pissing, his piss soaking his shorts andrunning down his muscular legs. I remained on my knees, using my arm towipe the piss from my face, and smiled. Eric, jockeyed from foot to foot,looking for a way to escape, but Rob blocked the door. "Stand fast," hetold Eric. The moving to us, he stood facing us. "Well my, my, my," hebegan, looking us both up and down. "What do I have here?" He lookeddirectly at me, "I always knew you were a cock hound, Jim, but, you?" Hedirected his gaze at Eric now, "I never would have guessed you liked dicktoo." Then turned, looking back at me, "Piss huh? Never would havethought that my sweet innocent Jim had a kink side. Well this changeseverything," a look of thoughtfulness crossing Rob's face. After a briefsilence, he said, "Well shit don't let me interrupt. You got more inthere," he said pointing at Eric's crotch, "or did you piss it all in yourshorts?" Eric remained silent. "Whip it out Eric, Jim still looksthirsty." After a short hesitation Eric pulled his shorts down like he hadbefore and stepped in front of me again. It took him a few seconds to gethis stream flowing, but soon it was at full force, all the while Rob makingcomments and giving encouragement. When Eric finished, and Rob told Lolita Bbs Pthc him toleave his cock out, asking if I'd ever sucked him off, Eric's dominant sidenowhere to be seen, as Rob continued. Rob grabbed my chin; "Sweet mouthboy," turning to Eric, "You never shove that poker in here?" Eric finallysmiled and nodded. "I knew it," Rob said releasing my chin. "Bet you suckgood cock too, right?"Eric took a step forward, "I ain't queer, just like pissing and letting himblow me," his cock twitching."Nothing wrong with that stud," Rob told him. "Nobody gives better headthan a guy, especially a young good looking guy like this," motioning tome. Rob took Eric's arms and moved him in front of me again. "Come onboys let's say you show your Uncle Rob some hot cock sucking action." Ericseemed hesitant, but I loved being watched and took Eric's cock and put itin my mouth. Eric's cock hardened quickly and I slide his shorts down tohis ankles. I got a good steady rhythm going and soon took my cock outstroking it as I sucked. Rod keep up with his dirty talk, saying thingslike 'oh yeah', and 'man suck his young cock, slut'. He then asked if Ireally liked piss and I nodded, continuing to suck Eric's cock. Rob,opened his jeans and hauled out a nice sized older cock. He began to pisson my face as I continue to suck. The Lolita Bbs Pthc taste of Eric's dick and Robs pisserotic. Rob directed his stream not only on my face, but on Eric and mychest as well. I saw the expression on Eric's face change to the dominantface, and he grabbed my head and began to roughly fuck my mouth. "Oh shityeah, my bitch. Suck my fucking cock," he growled. Rob moaned hisapproval, and giving Eric a shove, pointed his now erect cock, which nolonger was emitting piss, at my mouth. "Oh you want him to suck you too,"Eric asked. "Yep, MOVE," he demanded, and Eric stepped aside. I buried myface in Rob's crotch, breathing deep his male scent. I attacked his cockwith vigor, grabbing and pulling on his wrinkled sac."Oh fuck," Rob said to Eric, putting his hand on Eric's shoulder. "Don'tyou do anything to lose this fucking hot mouth. Lolita Bbs Pthc Man he's fantastic." Icontinued to suck Rob until he pulled out and told Eric to take over. Iwent back to Eric's swollen, purple headed cock in my mouth and when he wasfully down my throat, I pulled his balls, making him cum all at once. Hekept his balance as he came by holding my head, thrusting his cock in mymouth. When he'd finished, he pulled out, a strand of cum still attachedto his cock. Rob, who been stroking, pushed him out of the way, telling mehe was ready to cum. I sucked just the head of his cock while he stoodthere filling me with his load. He finally pulled out exhausted; we wereall covered in sweat from the sex and the heat of the bathroom.Eric stepped up, "Thirsty?" He asked me holding his cock by my mouth. Iopened my mouth and drank another full amount of piss, bring me over thetop, my cum arching out and several feet in front of me. When Eric wasfinished, we all left the bathroom, cocks out swinging before us. Igrabbed a garden hose and turning it on washed off in the cool water. Iturned the hose on Eric and he showered under it. Rob took the hose andsprayed both Eric and I. We were all laughing by the time we were clean.I looked at Eric and kissed him, right there in front of Rob, who looked onand smiled. Eric, who I thought would resist, didn't, and we kissed for aminute longer. Rob Turned the hose on us, "Get a fucking room you two."Again we all laughed.Eric and I locked up and left. The rest of the day till it was time to goto work, was going to be boring. Eric had to go home and help his mom, andI went to my house to veg. My dad was home and he bitched that he went inmy room to drop off a phone message for me, and that my room stunk likesex, and I told him I'd air it out. I walked in and wow it did smell likesex, raw ass pounding sex. My room was clean, well except for the straydirty clothes piled around my hamper. I was striping my bed when I spiedthe message my dad had left on my night stand, it was from Josh. Nothaving a phone in my room, I went to the living room, grabbed the phone andflopped on the couch. He Lolita Bbs Pthc wasn't home, so left a message for him to call.I went back to my room and finished making my bed. The phone rang and itwas Josh. He was bored and wondered if he could hang out. I told himsure, and hung up."JIM", my dad called out to me, "Some one's here to see you." I then heardmy dad telling the person to come in. I trotted to the front entryway, andsaw it was Josh. I made introductions and told my dad Josh and I weregoing hang in my room, maybe go for a swim later. Dad said that was ok,and actually good because he was going to run to town to get some chemicalsfor the pool and we could help him unload. I went to my van to get Joshand Lolita Bbs Pthc me some smoke and while we were doing that, my dad left, his car makingan awful noise. Josh signaled my dad to pop the hood, and after looking atthe engine, asked me for a screwdriver. Josh did something and the noisestopped. He told my dad he'd need to get it fixed soon. My dad said he'dmake an appointment with the mechanic and Josh said he could do it for himfor free. Josh it turns out was a mechanic. Dad thanked him and droveoff. We beat a hasty retreat to my room and set about getting high. I waslying back, propped up on pillow and Josh was sitting facing me. We werechatting about different stuff, he thought my dad was pretty cool, and whatcunt his girlfriend was being. Then josh brought up the events of the daybefore. He told me he was having trouble getting it right in his mind. Hetold me he was afraid he was turning gay. I asked him why he thought thatway. He told me that the time at the drive in he could chalk up to afluke. He was ok with that, but the stuff that happened yesterday wastroubling him. He said he couldn't stop thinking about what we did. Thathe tried to fuck his girlfriend last night and couldn't get a hard on untilhe thought of what happened with me and Eric. He told me he didn't want tobe gay, but wanted more of both me and his girlfriend. I tried to reassurehim and said maybe he was bi. It was like a light went off in his head andsuddenly everything made perfect sense. I also told him he could bestraight and just these new experiences were cool and in time, he'd neverthink about them again. He agreed with that statement as well, then theshocker."All I've been thinking about is coming over here and doing a repeat ofyesterday. Just you and me this time, but you're dad's coming back soforget it." I told him my dad was cool and knew I was gay. He'd neverjust walk in, but to expect some good-natured ribbing from him. Joshseemed unsure, and I reassured him that nothing would happen if he didn'twant it too. I just closed my eyes and took yet another toke on the pipe,offering it to him, placing my upturned hand Lolita Bbs Pthc with the pipe on hismid-thigh. After a few minutes, I felt Josh's hand softly rubbing mycrotch. I spread my legs a bit and soon his hand was sliding up the leg ofmy Lolita Bbs Pthc shorts, seeking out my cock. His fingers wrapped around my hardeningshaft and he gave me a few strokes. He moved and worked on Lolita Bbs Pthc taking myshorts off. He went straight to work sucking my cock. I reached over tofind his, but he moved my hand saying, no, today he was going to Lolita Bbs Pthc just dome. I resigned to lay there and enjoy his newbie attempt as cocksucking. I did tell him I would warn him when I was going to cum, but hejust waved me quiet. He continued to suck me, moving to kneel between mylegs. I lifted my hips and like a pro, he began to finger my hole. I wasloving everything he was doing, and asked him if he wanted to fuck me. Hemoaned, so I grabbed the lube and handed it to him. He released my cockand after coating his cock, he greased my Lolita Bbs Pthc hole using first one and then twofingers. When I told him I was ready, he put my legs around his waist andpointing his cock at my ass, he entered me. I arched my back and putpressure on his cock as he was thrusting. He raised us Lolita Bbs Pthc up and right offbegan slamming his cock into me. I started talking dirty to him, grabbinghis hips as he continued his brutal assault on my ass. I moaned aboutloving how he was fucking me. Lolita Bbs Pthc How his cock felt so good in my ass, Joshbegan moaning and grunting. I then mentioned how much I loved drinking hispiss."Oh fuck," he shouted; "I'm cuming!" His hips were thrusting his cock sodeep into me I thought the head of his cock would come out my mouth. Hewas pulling me onto his cock, as it spewed his seed."Fuck yeah," I yelled, "Breed Lolita Bbs Pthc me Josh. Fuck me with that hot cock." He wasthrashing wildly, his cock tearing into me with each thrust. "Don't stopJosh, fuck me like this forever." I don't know why I was so into this studfucking me; maybe because I was high, I don't know. All I can say is thatthis was one awesome fuck, and I wanted more.Josh's thrusts slowed and he collapsed on top of me. We were bothbreathing hard, our sweat slick on our skin. I could feel his cock stillfirmly deep inside me. I told him to get on his back and let me ride him.We moved and I climbed back onto his still throbbing cock. I rode him likethe prize bull he was. He was grunting for me to ride him. To sit on hiscock, take it all the way. His hips were thrusting up meeting my downwardforce. I leaned forward so I could stroke my cock. Holding my hips up,Josh continued to fuck my ravenous hole. I threw my head back and gruntedI was going to cum and for him to fuck me harder. Josh complied and I shota huge load onto his chest, neck and face. As I came, Josh also shot hissecond load into me. I fell to the side, Josh wrapping his arms around me."Oh shit that was intense," he told me. "I've never cum like that so quickbefore in my life, your ass is amazing." I kissed his sweaty chest,nuzzling my face into his hot pit, smelling his scent. Extending mytongue, I tasted his wetness. We lay there for a while, josh allowing meto explore his body with my tongue and hands. "I have to piss," he toldme. I moved, lowering my head onto his semi hard cock. Josh knew what todo, and holding my head, he began to relieve himself, as I drank.More to come so stay tuned! Keep them emails coming, I love them all!Peace, Jimmy
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